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Exploring Jadipai Water Fall | Best Travel Guide

Jadipai Water Fall, Water Falls in Bangladesh, Keokradong, Bandarban
Full View of Jadipai Water Fall
Jadipai Waterfall also known in Bengali “জাদিপাই ঝরনাis one of the widest and extensive waterfalls in Bangladesh. It is certainly a decent destination for genuine adventurous to visit. At the time of rainy season, the stream of Jadipai fall becomes more powerful and robust. The water of this fall is so cool and transparent. 

Throughout the way of this range is not so smooth but the way is completely crisscross and some places slender. You will be pleased with the rainy mountain, dazzling beauty of green hill, cool fountains, the zigzag path, hilly roadside, hide and seek game of clouds on the top of the hills. The color of Jhum cultivation is the main scenario of this hill tracts. There are so many waterfalls hidden through the hills of Bandarban would appear in your hiking. After all when you reach there you will feel the tranquility and serenity one desires.

I have visited so many waterfalls in Bangladesh and outside but Jadipai is the most beautiful and magnificent waterfall as per my observation.

I am here explaining and sharing some photos and the real taste of visiting the Jadipai Water Fall from my true experience.

Jadipai Waterfall is situated at profound inside the wild and hilly region of Bandarban. It is the most charming and beguiling waterfall of Bangladesh. This waterfall is the Queen of all waterfalls in Bangladesh. I felt that we were moving from the top (Keokradong) to ground (Jadipai Water Fall), it looks like climbing the highest peak then descend from that point to lowest point. If you want to see the regular magnificence of Bangladesh then should visit Jadipai.
Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Beauty of Jadipai Water Fall
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Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Basement of Jadipai Water Fall
Tour Plan:
Travel from Bandarban to Ruma
You have to make a trip from Bandarban to Ruma Upazilla by “ChanderGari” (public jeep) or local bus.
Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
View of Kroradong Mountains
Travel from Ruma to Boga Lake
Bogalake, Ruma, Keokradong Mountain, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Wonderful View of Bogalake
There are 'chander gari' services from Ruma bazar to Komola bazar near Bogalake. If anyone wishes to trek this way, can use 'Zhiri Poth' that is through the narrow canals. From Ruma you can hire a pickup or jeep or Chander Gari up to Koikhong Jiri at the fare of Tk. 2000-2500. Before going to Bogalake you have to register your name, contact address and other details in the respective security or Army camp, you will require a guide to reach Jadipai Jhorna. For the first day the guide will charge 600/- Taka (BDT) and for the second day onwards the guide will charge 500/- Taka (BDT) per day. You will reach at Bogalake in the following evening. You can stay here at overnight, take dinner and guide will help you to find a decent place.
Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Trekking to Jadipai Falls
Travel from Boga Lake to Keokradong: 

Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Upper View of Keokradong
The Next day you should start the journey very early to Keokradong. There are two tribal communities named Saikot para and Darjiling para is 4 km away from Bogalake. Keokradong is about 3 hours away from Boga Lake on foot. The only settlement in this way is 'Darziling Para'.

Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Water flow of Jadipai Water Fall
From Bogalake to Keokradong, we enjoyed a lot. After reaching Keokradong, we found another world of beauty at the top of Keokradong. Enjoying the fresh wave and rain bearing cloud from the top of the highest mountain was stunning. After half of the day, we took launch at Keokradong and decided to visit Jadipai waterfall. We were 4 in number and well-known guide Belal with us.

Jadipai Water Fall, জাদিপাই ঝরনা, Water Falls in Bangladesh, Keokradong, Bandarban
Double Part of Jadipai Water Fall
Travel from Keokradong to JadIpai Weter Fall
From Keokradong, it took around 2:30 hours to reach the ground of this waterfall. At along these lines traveler will pass the "Passing Para" and "Jadi Para". It was a total downhill trekking and it experienced our mental and physical strength. Amid of our trekking way we took some rest at Passing Para and Jadi Para. According to the local tribal, Jadi means a “flame of fire”.
Passing Para Village, Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Passing Para Village
After most of the hard working downhill trekking, we found a lovely flatland where young tribal are playing football which is very near to Jadi Para. The flatland is surrounded by big mountains and wild forest; it looked like a scene of “Hollywood horror movie”.
Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
On the way to Jadipai Water Fall
Last 30 minute of this journey is truly risky for its vertical and unshaped downhill path. Moving step to step was so hard and horrible. The entire way was covered by different kinds of insects like leeches and others. Hence the tribal do not visit this area very often. 

Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Straight Downhill Path to Jadi Pai Falls
At the very end of this trekking, one of our friend “Brinto” had withdrawn himself not to enjoy the fall due to the straight downhill trekking path. After all, when the traveler reaches the ground level of Jadipai falls he will overlook all the anguish on the grounds that the natural magnificence of Jadipai waterfall is truly stunning and surprising.

Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Charming View of Jadipai Falls
Subsequent to coming to the base of the waterfall we had an animating shower and took some photographs. Likewise, we have delighted in about one hour around the falls. It’s an exquisite waterfall. The surface of the waterfall is folded and this is the fundamental motivation to make the waterfall lovelier. At long last, the stature of this widest waterfall is respectable as well. At the time to return from the danger area to flatland we were delighted and welcome by a wonderful rainbow over the wild mountain. 

Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Rainbow On Wild Mountain 
It was the little bit unlucky evening for us due to a cloudy sky with slightly drizzling and the time was so short. It was about 3:00 hours of sharp climbing to reach Keokradong. It is truly a dedicated undertaking task. Perhaps this is the purpose behind every individual who has gone to the waterfall don't visit twice.

Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Taking Rest at Jadi Para
If you plan to visit Jadipai Falls it will be best for you to stay overnight at “Passing Para Cottage” or “Jadi Para” at tribal home. It will be the best place for a photographer to enjoy the sunset over wild mountains.

Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Passing Para Cottage
Travel Tips: 
1. Must keep Comfortable clothes and suitable shoes to climb up the mountains.
2. The entire journey deserves huge mental & physical strength. 
3. Keep necessary medicine. eg. Painkiller, Odomos (anti mosquito lotion, available at pharmacy)
4. Keep dry food, high-calorie food, like chocolate, ground nut.
5. Important to keep glucose or Or-saline for an instant energy solution.
6. Take a haversack to make your journey easy. Avoid normal shoulder bags.
7.  Keep rope, matches for the fire, chargeable light, light water bottle, cap, sunglass and those you needed.

Jadipai Water Fall, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Downside of Jadipai Falls
N.B: Indigenous Peoples (Tribal) must be respected by its own rules and regulations concerning. We should not argue with them in any way.

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