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Safe Travel to Bangladesh | Best Travel Guides

Bangladesh is a land of beauty with the full of friendly and open minded people. Is it Safe Travel to Bangladesh? is a common question around the world. It is a safe and reliable country to travel if you utilize common sense to stay out of potentially unwanted situations. It has enormous beauties, cultures, and heritages to discover. Foreigners, particularly Caucasian or USA citizen, will, for the most part, will be safe and secure when moving around city streets.

Safe Travel to Bangladesh, Beautiful Bangladesh, Trip Navigation Bangladesh

Travel Safety in Bangladesh

Nowadays, travel security around the world is on warning conditions, except very few countries. Following the recent terror attacks in Dhaka, the tourism industry is feeling anxiety on the flow of foreign tourist arrivals toward Bangladesh. Safe travel to Bangladesh is the first priority to Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism of Bangladesh and they provide safe civil aviation facilities and services towards the domestics and international travelers. The government strongly censure such repulsive and cowardly acts, yet in the meantime, it is extremely unfortunate that efforts are being made to put a terror tag on Bangladesh, which is not under any condition acknowledged. These were stray conditions and the administration is committed to deal with them fearlessly. So we are here to convince and pass on to any nationals that Bangladesh is totally safe for tourists.

                        About Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a land of beauty with the variety of seasonal colors, lots of tourist attractions and cultural festivals. The People's Republic of Bangladesh was independent in 1971 from Pakistan. It is a southeast Asian country situated to the east of India on the Bay of Bengal. Bengali is her main language hence English is the second popular language. Agriculture is the single largest producing sector of the economy and the earnings of plurality depend on the agriculture. Majority people are Muslims and Islam is the largest religion. Hind, Buddhist, and Christian along with multi-cultural tribal are living peacefully around the country. 

Tourist Attractions in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a wonderful country with its normal alluring delights and beauties. It is the land where the both rivers and mountains are available. There is a large number of appealing common vacationer spots around the country. Distance from capital city Dhaka to any tourist places of the country is around 250 km accept Hill Tracks, Cox's Bazar or Saint Martin island.


Endeavors to build up the nation's world-class Eco-tourism spots, both natural and cultural, drove the Bangladesh to understand some of its unexplored travel and tourism growth potential in 2016. Savvy well-being health services in comparison to neighboring nations keep on making Bangladesh as a vital destination for medical tourists from crosswise over South Asia. The land also brags several important Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu archaeological points, which have additionally played as substantial attractions for spiritual and religious explorers. The tourists will be amazed and delighted by observing the natural and cultural spots.

Here some attractive places to visit in Bangladesh:

Sundarbans — UNESCO world heritage site, largest Mangrove forest of the earth
Cox's Bazar — World’s longest unbroken sandy sea beach at 78 miles in length
St. Martins Island — Bangladesh’s only coral island
Keokradong Peak - One of The highest peak of the country
Bichana Kandi - A beautiful landscape beside Meghalaya
Jaflong - The heaven of Bangladesh
Nijhum Dip - The Island of silent beauty and the heaven of deer
Old Dhaka - The sign of Mughal Emperor
Sonargaon - The city of Mughal Architectural and cultural heritage
Mohasthangor - 1000 years old Buddhist architecture and cultural heritage
Ratargul Swamp Forest- The Amazon of the Bangladesh. There is about 21 or more swamp forest in the world. Ratargul Swamp Forest is not only one of them but also more beautiful and ecological balanced freshwater swamp forest around the earth.                                                                                                                                                

Safety information for travelers in Bangladesh

Travel safety is a more concerned issue in Bangladesh and the government established Tourist Police Department for the security of travelers. However, it is important to remember to be conscious of the culture and your surroundings. It is true that most foreigners will have no problems traveling in Bangladesh, but please try to utilize common sense. This will help you to avoid any unexpected situations about to walking alone specific ranges. People everywhere, who will follow a tourist as a chance to make money and will want to disturb the situation.

Earlier 2016, strike and political protests occurred at any time in Bangladesh, but nowadays there are no political unrest and unwanted situations that protect you from traveling Bangladesh.

Solo Female Travel in Bangladesh

Lonely travel in Bangladesh by a woman is a little bit tricky. The tourist to need to prepare herself mentally and physically. It is essential for a female tourist to know the culture, religious value, and the traditions. It will be wise if you mixed-up your dress code with the locals. As the country is conservative. It is a good idea for a woman to keep your legs, chest, and shoulders covered. It doesn’t bother to wear a shalwar kameez, like the local women do. I have seen many solo travelers wearing a mixed-up dress and the looks more beautiful. The locals are very hospitable, and most tourists get a warm welcome and a pleasant to stay in Bangladesh.

Tourist safety and attractions in Dhaka

Dhaka the heart and the capital, is not so easy to get around, traffic everywhere, with specific tourist options and density of populations. You will definitely love it, the reality of mass life. "Rickshaw" is a common and traditional transportation around the city. There are a few tourist sites, mostly of the religious and historical variety, and you’ll need to figure out transportation through your hotel or Uber apps. Big shopping mall like Bashundhara City and Jamuna Future Park can change your mind. Visiting old Dhaka will bring immense knowledge about mogul emperor with culture and heritage.

Safe Travel to Bangladesh, Beautiful Bangladesh, Trip Navigation Bangladesh

In Dhaka, there are some very high-quality hotels and restaurants, but outside of the city, quality hotels are not available except few major cities. In fact, one of the main things is that the country as a whole is also very cheap because $1 is about 79.15 BDT (18.01.2017).

Alcohol is little expensive but hard to find it; there are some duty-paid alcohol warehouses in Dhaka where he can buy imported beer and brands alcohol.

Last but not least; do not stop yourself from visiting Bangladesh. Yo have been lucky enough to explore some extraordinary places, meet terrific new friends and chance to eat as many traditional foods as possible.

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