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Dhaka to Keokradong | Best Travel Guide

Travel to Keokradong is the big sensation among the young generation of Bangladesh. People generally like to travel this types of adventurous places by a group or company. It is the second highest mountain of Bangladesh. Keokradong is about 986 meters (3,235 ft) high from the sea level. It is situated about 30 km away from the Ruma Bazar upazilla of Bandarban in southeastern Bangladesh. This remote area is full and compacts of natural beauty. Where you can enjoy so many small and big mountains, hills and waterfalls. This area is covered with dense forests, birds, animals, tribal life, the tribal village as well as happiest tribal people.

Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Top of the Keokradong

I am here explaining and sharing some photos and the real taste of visiting the Keokradong from my true experience.

The Mountain Keokradong is located near the border of Myanmar. It looks like heavenly designed by the almighty with his own hand. You cannot imagine without visiting the natural beauty of Keokradong. This scenic beauty absolutely attracts the mind of the adventurous people and you will lose your mind throughout the wild blowing scenarios. 

Jhiripath (Rumat to Bogalake)
Jhiri-path (Ruma to Bogalake)
The wild wind takes your hair silkier and your surroundings covered by the songs of wild insects and birds. In the winter season, many adventurous tourists visit this place with great excitement. You will be pleased with the rainy mountain, dazzling beauty of green hill, cool fountains, the zigzag path, hilly roadside, hide and seek game of clouds on the top of the hills. The color of Jhum cultivation is the main scenario of this hill tracts. There are so many waterfalls hidden through the hills of Bandarban would appear in your hiking. The exotic offerings such as foods, tribal handicrafts etc from the tribal people will delight your heart. Besides these, you can easily experience the real taste of tribal culture very closely.

Keokradong, Bandarban
Charming view of around Keokradong

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Way to Keokradong:

Dhaka - Bandarban – Ruma – Bogalake – Keokradong

Keokradong, Bandarban
Foot trip to Bogalake
Before going to Keokradong you have to take some preparations. Tracking mountains are not suitable for faint-hearted people. You should remember that after 4 pm you are not allowed to leave Ruma for visiting Bogalake to Keokradong. As it is a remote area of Bangladesh, the road is not so plain. The communication systems of Bogalake become very difficult in the Rainy season. Some parts of the road is still under construction. But the road is outstanding for travelers during the journey.
Rain bearing cloud, Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Rain Bearing Cloud near the summit of Kekradong
Bandarban to Keokradong Map:

Map 01: Bandarban – Ruma – Bogalake

Bogalake Map
Bogalake Map
Map 02:  Bogalake – Darjiling Para - Keokradong
Keokradong Map
Keokradong Map
Tour Plan:

Day 1: On the way to Keokradong, you have to reach at Bandarban from Dhaka by bus at early morning. (Bus rent- 400 BDT depend on service).

Darjeeling Para
Mountain view of Darjeeling Para
Day 2: After taking some rest first then you have to go to Ruma bus stand for Ruma Bazar. Ruma is 50 kilometers away from Bandarban. Local minibus services (locally called 'Chander Gari') go to Ruma for TK 75. The first trip is at 8am. It will take 2-2.30 hrs. These buses used to load huge people inside the bus and also on the roof of the bus. After finishing the bus journey at Koikhong Jiri, people have to make a 15/25min journey by boat or 'Chander Gari' to arrive Ruma bazar. You will reach at Ruma about 12:00 pm.

Ruma is an upozilla beside the river of Shangu. The boundless natural beauty makes it fascinating. There are two well-furnished local hotels in Ruma bazar. Charge everyone’s mobile, camera and other electronic equipment’s in Ruma bazar because after Ruma bazar there is no electric supply in the way to Keokradong.

Way to Keokradong
Way to Keokradong
For barbecue party, before going to Bogalake you should buy chicken and other spices for the night party from Ruma Bazar. You should take your lunch and to report to the army camp for security purpose. It is important to fix a guide for better and safer journey. Guide fee per day about 500 BDT.

Barbecue Party at Bogalake, Bandarban
Barbecue Party
The next destination is Bogalake. There are 'Chander gari' services from Ruma bazar to Komola bazar near Bogalake. If anyone wishes to trek this way, can use 'Zhiri Poth' that is through the narrow canals. From Ruma, you can hire a pickup or jeep or Chander Gari up to Koikhong Jiri at the fare of Tk. 2000-2500.

Bogalake, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Colo-round Bogalake
Bogalake is a 15-acre natural lake, 2700 feet above from sea level. Accommodation per night 100 taka per person, anyone can stay at the tribal cottage in offseason. But the place of sleeping is not so comfortable. 

Bogalake, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Community of Bogalake
Bogalake Special: mind it after reaching Bogalake you should not forget to bath at the crystal clear water of Bogalake. Small fish would like to welcome you by smoothly biting your leg and body, you will think it is a little natural spa never tasted. If you have enough time you can fishing at Bogalake by traditional knots and hook.

Bogalake, Bandarban, Bangladesh
Bath in Bogalake
Day 3: Finally on the way to Keokradong. There are two tribal communities named Saikotpara and Darjilingpara are 4 km away from Bogalake. Keokradong is about 3 hours away from Boga Lake on foot. The only settlement in this way is 'Darziling Para'.

Darjeeling Para
Small shop in Darjeeling Para

The way there is a fountain with tasty water must try to drink the sweet water. 

Dhaka to Bogalake and Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh, Trip Navigation
Small Fountain
It is about 1 km away from Keokradong. If you want, your guide will manage lunch and other facilities here but if you want you can take lunch at the peak of Keokradong cottage. It will take 30-45 min to reach the peak of Keokaradong from Darziling Para. You can stay at the cottage at Keokaradong: per night 100 taka per person during the off season, anyone can stay at the tribal cottage.  
Summit of Keokradong
Train Journey: Time consuming

You can take the taste of train journey from Dhaka to Chittagong and then ride the first trip from Chittagong to Bandarban by bus at 6:00 am local time (Rent: 90-100 BDT). From Chittagong, two services go to Bandarban. They start from Bahaddar hut bus terminal and take 3 hours to arrive. These buses are not so comfortable to ride.
Dhaka to Bogalake and Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh, Trip Navigation
Upper view of Bogalake
Travel Tips: 

1. Must keep Comfortable clothes and suitable shoes to climb up the mountains.
2. The entire journey deserves huge mental & physical strength. 
3. Keep necessary medicine. eg. Painkiller, Odomos (anti-mosquito lotion, available at pharmacy).
4. Keep dry food, high-calorie food, like chocolate, ground nut.
5. Important to keep glucose or Or-saline for the instant energy solution.
6. Take a haversack to make your journey easy. Avoid normal shoulder bags.
7.  Keep rope, matches for the fire, chargeable light, light water bottle, cap, sunglass and those you needed.
Dhaka to Keokradong, Bandarban, Bangladesh, Trip Navigation
Rain Bearing Cloud, Keokradong

N.B:  Indigenous Peoples (Tribal) must be respected by its own rules and regulations concerning. We should not quarrel with them in any way.

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